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How to become successful?

Study to be persistence. Do not stop on a way to success.
In America there is such joke: "Means you are an author of songs? And at what restaurant you work?» Many authors who are known now by all world, earned for a life absolutely other things before to them popularity in musical business has come. All these years they found time to move on a way to author's success.
Sure, that is difficult enough to work the full working day, to keep in touch with friends and relatives, to carry out all duties which are assigned to us by a daily life, and at the same time, to find time and forces, to write songs. But practically to each author who has now achieved success, it was necessary to combine in the past all it.

If you do not have not enough time to write, look more attentively, at how you waste time. The hours spent in front of the TV, either in Internet chats, or behind computer games, it is possible to spend for work over songs. At someone the inspiration can wake up in the morning then it is possible to rise on an hour earlier, and to write, while anybody yet does not stir, or on the contrary, to someone will allocate more conveniently hour before a dream. Instead of complaining, that you could not find time to work over songs, find out is better, on what you have lost it.

It is not necessary to get into debt, expecting, that you can hold on, while you suddenly do not become the supersuccessful author; the road to success, most likely, will occupy much more time, than you can expect. Realistic forecasts for the future will help you to save correct prospect and not to lose hope in expectation of the true break.

Meanwhile, as you had a desire to become the author of super-hits and achievement of this purpose, many years can leave. Desire to reach an object in view and optimism - very important things. But when any beginning author says, that his song will be in all charts and charts within the next year, it is possible to smile and say him, that we will hope, and happens. Chances of it also are insignificant, as that will strike you a lightning within one day twice.

Ability to write effective songs is reached in due course; such ability can be compared to developing educational process. It is similar to how the child studies to go. After all to learn it, he should seize many skills: at first to develop muscles, to learn to save balance, to learn still to many other things that all these skills have led to his first uncertain steps. Some of skills cannot be studied at once - time is required to them to develop. The same occurs and to authors.
Advice which you can find here will help you. But, if you do not have exclusive luck the road to success will be long, with many obstacles, disappointments and failures. It would be desirable to hope, that time now it is known to you; you will be more patient in the course of training. Successful authors some nowadays lived many years in a status of depression from failures instead of considering the life as travel on road to success. There are thousand histories about extraordinary successful songs which have been written down and became hits only after many years after the birth.
To overcome obstacles in a way to success.

There is an incalculable quantity of songs which actors at first have refused, but have then written down their and these songs became hits. Sometimes the song can be rejected, because it hardly is less good, than the songs written by your competitors or because it not quite suits for the concrete project. People who daily listen to tens songs, can commit a mistake. Practically each professional of the musical industry has histories (about which he can and be silent), that he has not estimated one or several songs which became subsequently hits. Sometimes the answer "is not present" can designate, that you should show the creative approach and to find other ways that your song have heard. A&R any actor cannot estimate a song, but it can like the actor and the producer. Perhaps, the song will be estimated by the director of the actor, or other representative of the company. Do not give to refusal to stop you. Probably, it is necessary to try to come through other door.

If ability to write hits was simple and easy each author would write only hits. There are many obstacles which stand between the beginning author and success. Sometimes the most important barriers are what we to ourselves create. They and are the most difficult for making out.

The quantity of skills which the successful author should possess can seem to the unattainable. It is necessary not only the nobility of structure of songs, technics of a writing of texts and melodies, persistence is still necessary, readiness to work, knowledge on demo producing, it is necessary to find the publisher, to learn much about musical business, to get communications, to find adherents, and to learn to advance the songs.

Good news consist that to you is not obligatory to be engaged in all it at once. Make the list of your strengths as the author. Add in it your abilities on a writing of effective melodies and words, and also such qualities as persistence, the desire is a lot of to work and possibility professionally to do author's business. When you will see you’re strong and the weaknesses committed to paper, it will be easier to you to allocate those spheres on which it is necessary to concentrate. It is possible to allocate one - two spheres, from job over which it is necessary to concentrate first of all, then in the same way to undertake the others. Also it is important to develop the plan in which the nearest will be put and long-term objectives. It is not necessary to itself to speak: «One of my songs becomes a hit on all radio stations in three months ". It will not happen, even if you have written yesterday a magnificent song. It is required much more three months that the song has been written down, released in a commercial turn and has risen in charts. It will be more useful to say to itself, for example:" I will write on half an hour five days in a week, especially concentrating on narrative texts which will involve people without dependence from their status and which will go directly from heart ".
Usually plans to build easier, than to them to adhere. If to you it is heavy, find the co-author who will help you to follow under this plan.
Pay attention to hindrances which you to yourselves create. Analyze, that to you stirs for object in view achievement what exactly does not allow to you to waste time on creative activity and to produce any necessary skills, and destroy their one for another.

At initial stages of your development as author, is better to concentrate on sharpening of skills and skill. If you write at least year, and you have twenty ready songs, you also need to start to think and of the commercial party of business.
One of the basic skills necessary for success in author's business is stability in the face of inevitable refusals and the disappointment connected with them. Authors who embody the dreams, from authors who surrender, that they can transform the disappointment from failures into stronger aspiration to success distinguish. There is, at least, one thousand reasons on which your song can not take. If the received reaction means, that you have written a strong song, but it does not suit the given company or the actor, means you while simply have found the necessary place for the song. But if you constantly receive answers, that the song mismatches professional standards, or something concrete in it needs to be changed, then you needs to finish it.

By approximate calculations, the income to professional authors is brought only by 5% of the songs written by them, the others of 95 % never become commercially successful. It is interesting, that to become successful, authors on the one hand need to put all soul in the songs, and with another - to develop feeling of dispassionateness from these songs to sustain disappointment which sometimes can be devastating. Remember: your value as persons is not defined by level of commercial success which you have reached as the author.
As a result of disappointment some authors start to abuse alcohol or to accept drugs or start to behave as the people doomed to a failure that for a while allows dulling fear and a pain from refusal.

Here correct ways which allow to cope with disappointment and to become even more strongly:
1. Learn to learn a lesson from each event.
Wonder, whether it is possible to find something positive in this refusal. Whether it is possible to learn any lesson - can, something need to be changed in this song, or in songs which you are going to to write, or in how you do business? Remain susceptible to constructive criticism.
2. Increase the purposefulness.
One of the most successful people in any sphere are those who uses each failure as motive even more to work over achievement of the purposes. If you speak to yourselves: "I will show, be how much good my songs can. Not very well, how much on it will leave time, but I will write so powerful song, that it cannot reject," it is much more productive, than to speak: "I Think, it proves, that I am not capable to write a song. I never will achieve success".
3. Really estimate the possibilities.
Probably, you need to make revaluation of the expectations. Perhaps your prospects for the future are too overestimated in relation to that stage on which you now are as the author. If you write all within 1-2 years, at leisure, is unreal your songs will expect that as are good, as what have been written by the professional authors perfecting the skill for many years.
4. Never surrender (while you enjoy process).
Remember that if while you have not achieved any concrete display of success the thought on it should not interfere with achievement of your purposes in the future.
Not each author who reads this advice, will see, how its songs rise on tops of charts. Some can and will see. But each author who works much, grinds skill, remaining thus susceptible to constructive criticism, will continue to raise and improve the skills. A finding of pleasure in the course of a writing of songs, feeling of satisfaction which comes with knowledge of that you have passed your thoughts so, that they have found the response in other hearts, is and there is a success. A way happy to you!

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