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Any person can create sound recording studio - there would be a desire. Well and, of course, possibility to get the corresponding equipment and programs. But consultations of the professional are necessary for reception of qualitative result. The director of shop "Rock'n roll" Vladislav Aryzharov and seller Arseny Artemyev have shared the experience.

The sound recording is a process of record of the sound information which result is the ready musical product. There are two its kinds: analogue and digital. The analogue recording is very expensive and difficult in processing as all tools are written on the tape tape recorder. Such record precisely passes an initial sound picture, but it has a lack: high level of noise and hindrances. Therefore it is more preferable to use a method of digital record as it is cheaper and more accessible. Such record has low level of noise, and, besides, it is easy for storing and processing by means of the computer.

From the point of view of musicians, the analogue recording is always better - it true, and in digital there is no life.

How much is studio

To create studio of the European standard, it is necessary about one million dollars. The professional studio has some premises for record with good acoustics and sound insulation: rooms for record of a voice, drums etc. the whole staff which can solve various problems in any style of music Here works. Only the best studios presume to have to themselves devices of different times. After all if you wish to reach soundings "The Beatles" or "Rolling Stones", that equipment on which they worked is necessary.

Project-studios are semidigital studios where there is a computer, the software, a certain tooling. Such studio can manage from 100 to 500 thousand dollars. Many world stars register in such conditions.

If you burn with the desire to create own house studio it will manage to you a minimum in 3 - 5 thousand dollars.

Create studio

The first step on a way to creation of own studio - premise furnish: installation of special wall and ceiling panels etc. The following step - computer acquisition. He also is heart of any working studio. After that it is necessary to buy various electronic devices: the audiointerface, microphones etc. We will stop on it more in detail.
• The audio interface (sound cards). Results of all further activity depend on it: quality of sounding and convenience of job. Therefore it is necessary to approach to a choice with all responsibility. Outwardly sound map looks very simply: the majority of components is realized in the form of the microcircuits which have been soldered in a payment. In an audio map there can be panels, mixers, banks of various effects. The price: from 10-15 dollars for the elementary models to several thousand for the professional. In Krasnoyarsk shops it is possible to get cheap enough quite good map and with its help to write down microphones, guitars, etc.

• The MIDI-keyboard (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) - the digital interface of musical instruments. With its help the computer turns to a synthesizer: the musician can operate all tools from one keyboard. But by pressing keys MIDI the information, but not sounds is passed only. All available tools in MIDI unite in some groups which are called as banks or libraries of sounds, samples. The quantity of such banks can reach 16 384, and a maximum quantity of tools - 2 097 152. Libraries of sounds can be bought on separate CDs-disks, to load them into the computer and to use at record of songs. License disks can cost from hundred dollars to several thousand, thus they can replace various tools both popular, and exotic.

• Studio monitors. Correctly to hear, that becomes with music records, it is not enough to buy simple computer columns, special studio monitors are for this purpose necessary. Now in the market the large quantity of models, the price - from 300 dollars and above is presented. The main thing that the monitor passed an accurate sound, mistakes differently are inevitable at mixing mastering. Except monitors in studio stereo speakers and ear-phones are necessary.
Programs for record

On the modern studio equipment multichannel records, as a rule, become, i.e. On a separate path the guitar, on separate drums, a voice is written. In the course of job over sounding there is a necessity to connect some sound files. It is called as mixing mastering . The separate class of multichannel mixing mastering of sound files is developed for it. For example, one of the most popular and accessible now is computer program Pro Tools..

System Pro Tools consists of program and hardware parts. It works very conveniently. Before you on the screen there are paths which can be any way filled subsequently by sound fragments - regions. As region it is possible to use both a sound fragment entirely, and it’s any part.

Besides, the most known programs for multichannel mixing now are: Nuendo, Sonar, Logic Audio, Cubase. Such multichannel editors-sequencers carry out the same function. Their cost fluctuates from 150 dollars (program Cubase SE) to 2000 dollars (program Nuendo 3). It is not necessary to forget: the more cheaply the program, the is less at it than functions and possibilities.

Mixing mastering are a creative process, the result depends on it. For this work the highly skilled sound producer, as a rule, is invited. Services of such master it is a lot of money, and the sum is established in each concrete case separately. Only at use of a full hardware and experience of professionals mixing mastering will be made up to the mark.

The final stage - mastering. This process helps to improve sounding of a material and to deduce it on professional level. Result of mastering is that sound recording which in the subsequent is duplicated.

House studio: dream or a reality?

The small set of means is necessary for digital house studio. The computer becomes certain multichannel tape recorder with the built in mixer, various equalizers, compressors, a synthesizer (MIDI-keyboard). All it allows to process separately each sound: possibility of nonlinear editing.

Having spent, to today's measures, small enough means (from 3 to 10 thousand dollars), it is possible to create good house studio. It is enough its possibilities to create the first musical masterpieces and to be trained in cunnings of arrangement. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive equipment if you, of course, do not wish to write down stars of level Britney Spears or Sting.

Julia Movshovich
Natalia Dudina

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